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Become a
Run Leader

One of the most important roles in the club is our volunteer run leads. Without run leads, the club cannot hold runs. Leading a run is a very satisfying experience (when it goes well!!).


If you think you might like to be a run lead and give something back and help to deliver the clubs main principles of:

  • Fun

  • Social

  • Benefit of runners

  • Personal benefits and goals

Then, we would be interested to talk to you.

To become a run lead, you will need to meet the following:


  • Completed a ‘Leadership in Running Fitness Course’ (LiRF) – recommended or


  • Been a Penyffordd Run Club member for more than two years and be responsible (for this it is to follow the club run guidelines and policies)  


Types of run leads


Run leaders will lead all different sorts of runs for the club and we are always interested in new ideas. The runs we do are primarily set routes that cater for all paces with loop back when required. We do look to put club sessions on for off road runs, interval training and hill training as well.


We incorporate beginners groups into our sessions which will always be supported by run leaders.   When starting, we can discuss a number of options which might include:

  •  shadowing an experienced run lead for a few of runs to ensure you understand about looking after all the runners and recognising when to do different things like, loopback.

  • Running with an experienced run lead for your first few run to gain confidence

  • Limit the numbers of runners in your group that you will lead on the first runs you do.


Once you are a run lead, support is always available. We have a ‘Run Leads’ Facebook group, that we use to communicate messages between run leads. Run leads can ask questions or seek advice. It is also used to see who is available to lead the club sessions on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday before this is posted on the members Facebook page as a weekly programme. We will arrange First Aid courses for run leaders and supply any medical supplies required to help you when being a run leader.  


If you are interested, please just have a chat with Ross or one of the other run leaders at a club session. If easier, you can just email the club at

We asked Ross our Chief run leader for some tips on being a run leader. He said:-

  • Having confidence with the route. I always walk or run it beforehand to check time, distance and where you can do loop backs and of course photo opportunities!

  • Smile, its fun, try to talk to everyone, at some point it is going to go wrong, a wrong turn, a fall, a “lost” runner, someone who wants to run really fast/cannot keep up.

  • Be calm, adapt to the situations and get everyone to help.

  • Know your route and how you can make it shorter or longer depending on the group of the day.

  • Above all, enjoy it.   

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